I’m Going to Die

In case you thought life in my house was all puffy puppies and funshine, it is so not. I decided to take advantage of naptime to get some stuff done around the house, including cleaning out the bottom of my linen closet. When I took everything out, lookit what I found:

I'm Going to Die

UGH WTF. The baseboard is totally deformed and discoloured and as you can see has totally pulled away from the wall in one place. It feels clammy and smells mildewy to boot. This is my hallway closet, and on the other side of that wall is I believe the pipes and what-have-you for the geothermal heating system, part of which is obviously leaking. Or maybe moisture is seeping up from the ground- I am in a basement suite. Either way, GREAT JUST GREAT. I called the management office and they’re going to send over the maintenance guy “just as soon as he’s available.” DOUBLE GREAT. Meanwhile I’m dying from black mold over here.

EDIT: I printed out the picture and took it to the management office and they sent the maintenance guy over right away. There’s an access panel in the wall right above the grossness, and when he opened it out he found a cold water pipe next to a hot water pipe and mad condensation going on. AWESOME. So they’re probably going to come back with a plumber and maybe even tear the whole wall out!

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