Best Friends Forever

Best Friends

I’m really getting a kick out of the interaction between Dougal and Georgie. She’s not afraid of him anymore, so she’ll try to play with him. He is really gentle with her and seems mostly bemused by her silly puppy behavior.

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  1. aaaaaahhhh they are so cute and i want to squeeze georgie! idk how you got all the best dogs ever into one house but please keep posting puppy updates.

  2. Wow, I did not realize how tall Dougal is! In my mind, he is always puppy-size. He is also truly the world’s most handsome dog. Georgie is SO ADORABLE. How do you stand it?

    1. I can’t stand it, I spontaneously combust from cuteness every day. Then I rise from my own ashes. Like a phoenix. Which, interestingly enough, is Georgie’s mother’s name.

    1. lol no, that’s his “What is this thing, what is it doing, and whyyyyyyy did you bring it into my life???” face.

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