Spraypainter’s Cramp

You may recall the other day me mentioning how bored I am of my boring old teak patio furniture. Well, NOT ANYMORE.
Patio Furniture Redux
l-r Gleaming Pink, Mango, Shock Red; all by Montana Gold
HOW AWESOME ARE THESE LOOKING??? I’m not done yet, I ran out of the pink and yellow. Luckily, Symphony’s dad’s gym is really close to the art supply store so he’s going to pick me up some this afternoon, so I can finish them tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. After emptying two and a half cans, I have a terrible spraypainting cramp in my right hand! Plus, tonight Taylor and I are make a fun-filled trip to Canadian Tire for those bright blue resin Adirondack chairs I’ve been obsessing over.
Rainbow Umbrella
I was also able to find the giant rainbow paneled golf umbrella that I really wanted at a different dollar store for just $11! Now to figure out how to turn it into a patio umbrella…

6 Replies to “Spraypainter’s Cramp”

    1. One of the ones on Davie St, I think the Super 99¢ Centre. Whichever one is closest to Hamburger Mary’s.

    1. I’ll definitely need something like this if I do anymore furniture spraying, my finger STILL hasn’t recovered!

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