Saturday evening in the backyard…
Backyard Times
My new chairs!
I was also there but I look like a bag of rags in all the pictures Taylor took so FORGET IT. After our whirlwind tour of Canadian Tire and Home depot, we took the dogs for an enormous walk to Dairy Queen and then along the Seawall. Georgie was so tired afterwards that she crawled under the couch to sleep and wouldn’t come outside to hang out. I was pretty exhausted myself!
Hawthorn Tree at Evening
We stayed until around ten, and then order some Japanese takeout (which I was first excited about and then very letdown by) and started watching The Neverending Story, but we both fell asleep sometime around the Southern Oracle.

On Sunday we met Taylor’s dad and his partner at Glowbal for brunch. This was Taylor’s Wild Berry Panettone French Toast.
Franch Toast
I had the Belgian waffle but it was kind of :/ (this was like, my food theme this weekend). It comes with carmelized bananas and white chocolate mousse, but I don’t like bananas so I asked to have it with berries instead, and that’s what I got. A plain, dry waffle with a handful of berries strewn across it, but no mousse or pretty presentation. Boo!

Afterwards Taylor wanted to go look for some new shorts but the store he likes was closed, so instead I made him go with me to the pet sore to buy Claire a giant cat tower.
Claire's Fortress of Solitude
It’s ENORMOUS. I just wanted somewhere I could put her food where she could reach it but the dogs couldn’t, and all the smaller cat towers/trees/condos/whatever were way more expensive- this one was discontinued so it was 40% off. Obviously it was the best choice but let me tell you, carrying it home was quite the comedy of errors! I also don’t really like the colour, so I’m thinking of buying a cheap-yet-prettier rug and reupholstering the outside.

In the afternoon my neighbor had her mom’s shih tzu puppy out in the backyard, so I brought Georgie out so they could play.
Georgie & Bella
Georgie & Bella
The puppy, Bella, is cute but very passive and timid, and mostly just sat or lay there being pounced and chewed on. Georgie definitely has way more personality!
Georgie & Bella
Georgie & Bella

Apparently Kichou had no eyes this weekend.

Georgie in the Leaves
Georgie loves playing and bouncing around in this ivy, it was nearly impossible to get a picture of her because she wouldn’t hold still for even a second.

Sym + Sailor Moon
Sym came home from her dad’s with a new, shorter haircut and spent the evening tracing pictures out of one of her Sailor Moon books. Tonight I want to do arts & crafts with her- she has a paint-by-numbers to finish and I need to start making the paper bunting for my library windows. I also want to make some rainbow coasters to use outside out of perler beads (which is making me wish I didn’t mix all the perler bead colours together in a big bin but OH WELL). I also need to varnish the patio furniture I painted this weekend (I finished it on Sunday afternoon) and figure out how to turn the golf umbrella and six feet of PVC pipe into a patio umbrella. I cut the handle off the umbrella last night with my Dremel and it was NERVE WRACKING. Sparks flying everywhere! Wow, I have A LOT of projects on the go right now!

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  1. As soon as you mentioned those chairs they appeared on one of my neighbors porch. I know they were not here before–they are bright blue, kinda hard to miss! 😛

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