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Handsome Sleep Club
I think I want new bedroom furniture. The room is quite small and the dressers and bed are too big and too dark. The bed is too low, and we’re always bashing our shins on the corner of the bedframe, which sucks. I have some ideas for a more efficient drawer-and-shelf system that would allow me too move the bed out from under the window, but I’m not sure what colour would work with my turquoise and cream (in summer) and turquoise and beige/brown (in winter). I don’t think I want wood, so I’ll probably end up painting whatever I get like, a slightly darker shade than I chose for the walls. Basically I just want to paint everything, haha!

Little Georgie
Georgie in the foyer. She’s so golden! The crate on the right is hers, I picked it up on Saturday. So far she is unimpressed with it. Oh and I actually did vacuum in there this morning, but it’s crazy windy today and when I opened the door a huge gust of leaves and debris came flying in. GREAT. Anyway when it’s clean/I’ve put up some shelves I’ll have to take new pictures, I rearranged the crates and moved the stroller outside (it’s locked up so hopefully it won’t get stolen) so now Taylor and I can actually reach our coats AND have somewhere to put our shoes! EDIT for MORE GEORGIE.
Little Georgie

Dougal Investigates Claire's House
Dougal hadn’t seen Claire’s new house yet so he had to see what was up. Once he realized it was full of cat he quickly lost interest. EDIT: I didn’t think Claire would ever get up on to the top of her tower, but earlier I put her up there because she was getting on my nerves, and I guess she really likes it because she quite hilariously clambered up it on her own.
Claire on High

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  1. That bed is evil! My boyfriend has it, and although he is the one that is usually crashing into the corner of it, my side of the mattress always makes the slates fall out of the frame! I feel like a whale every time my side goes crashing down unexpectedly. 🙁

    1. lol I don’t have that problem because mine doesn’t have any slats- it’s just two mattresses piled on the floor inside the frame!

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