Puppies and Sleepies

Last night was supposed to be my triumphant return to the gym, since I didn’t go at all last week (due to the neck problem). I was really gung-ho about it at 9am but by the time 7pm rolled around I was almost asleep on the living room floor, so Taylor absolved me of the gym and instead we just played with dogs and had ice cream. That’s kind of the same as working out, right?

I think Georgie looks silly with clothes on, I put this old t-shirt of Kichou’s on as a joke. Kichou loves wearing clothes though, whenever he’s feeling blue we put an outfit on him and he’s instantly cheered up.

Husband & Dogs

Taylor was sleepy too, but not as sleepy as me- I fell asleep at 10:30 with all my clothes on and Taylor was able to wreak his horrible revenge for all the pictures I take of him sleeping.

Taylor's Revenge

Before all the sleepiness took over we went to the post office to pick up my MINI DOUGHNUT MAKER.

Doughnut Machine!

Get excited, because as soon as I can go to the store for flour (since I used all mine up making cookies yesterday) it will be MINI DOUGHNUT DAY. Like, every day.

Today in the mail I got this AWESOME necklace from my friend Natalya:

Pinecone Necklace

It’s a little pine cone dipped in silver, how cute! She traded it to me for the 30 feet of bunting I made the other week so I feel like I really earned it.

Other than having naps, puppy parties and getting lots of stuff in the mail (I also got my J Crew business sweats, which are great but need a teeny alteration, and my Kristiana Parn print, which I need to have framed) I have been hard at work on my latest project. Here’s another sneak peek:

Sneak Peek #2

The little can at the corner of the island is plastic wood, which STINKS SO BAD OMG. I remember my dad using it to fill holes in things he’d made when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it smelling so terrible! Anyway I fully expect to finish this in the next week, and then it’s on to my next project: The Curio Shelf.

Curio Shelf

7 Replies to “Puppies and Sleepies”

    1. Thanks! I’m probably going to paint it white (which would be blasphemy to some people but so what who cares) so that my curios are better displayed.

  1. You posted about my necklace!! I’m so glad you like it! I used the bunting you sent me to decorate my new office – I’m officially a speech-language pathologist. I tell everyone who comes into my office about how you made the bunting for me!

    1. I love the necklace! I showed it to Sym and she was like O__O THAT IS SO COOL!! And I’m glad you like the bunting! You should send me pics so I can brag about it 🙂

  2. crazy!
    i just bought that silver-dipped pinecone necklace at an art fair in chicago 2 weekends ago and i wore it all over israel.
    it’s the cutest!

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