Happy Friday

Hooray for almost the weekend! I can’t believe how painlessly I’ve made it (almost) through this first week back at work after vacation. There have been some hiccups- B wasn’t happy about coming back and had a total breakdown on Wednesday, CF and her acting out/lashing out at the other kids, and I have a little girl (CL) here just for two weeks while here regular child care provider is on vacation and she’s cried and cried every day. These kids, I tell you. I’m keeping it together though.

There have been some enrollment changes around here, some kids leaving, some going down to part-time and I have some new ones starting.
V, my most long-term client, left in the spring because of a financial situation
CF is here today and Monday and then she’s done
B is now down to part-time because her mom had a baby
CP, who was already part-time, is now like, PART part-time for the same reason

Only CT, K and M are still on the same schedule.

For new kids, I booked a new baby girl, E, to start in October, and yesterday I just booked an adorable 3-year-old French girl, MM, to start in September. She doesn’t speak any English and my French is limited to what I learned from grades 5-10 so this will be a challenge! I’ve had non-English speaking kids before- Japanese, Bulgarian, Arabic and one kid who spoke a kind of pidgin mix of Russian, Hebrew and English so that most of his family couldn’t even understand him! At least I know a TINY bit of French!

In other news, I fell asleep with wet hair last night and I was expecting to find a HAIR DISASTER when I woke up, but it actually looks okay.


How is this bedhead??? It’s barely messy at all, I’m totally baffled. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday and an AWESOME weekend 😀

ps rainbow text is the new black.

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    1. lol she’s actually from France so you might have better luck with little French children there. She’s so cute though, she was telling me some big story about her many (imaginary) adventures and it was straight Capuchine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miv-ZEmwtVg She even kind of looks like that, all big brown eyes and adorableness.

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