Old Man Husband

I meant to post this last night but Taylor slept late and I was too tired, but here is the outcome of this:


Now, just so you all remember here is Taylor Classic:

Movie Night @ David Lam Park

… and after taunting and tormenting me for days with veiled threats about going platinum or red or ginger, here is the result, New Taylor:

Old Man Laramie

What!? I asked him why he went silver and he said it’s because he’s an old man (he’ll be 31 next week, oh BOOHOO I’m 33 and a half) and this is merely the first phase in his becoming Roger Sterling.


Hopefully with less infidelity, heart attacks and blackface! Anyway, I think his REAL ~hairspiration~ was this grey muzzled little fellow.


In related dog news, I think Kichou and Georgie are really and truly finally reaching some sort of we-don’t-hate-each-other accord.

Best... Friends...?

Please observe the crossed paws. Can playing and snuggling be far off?

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