The Finished Project



Old, beat-up, possibly bedbug infested desk I found in the alley.

New Desk

I took the drawer handles off and sanded the whole thing, then primed and painted with 2 shades of yellow paint by Benjamin Moore: Sundance and Banana Yellow. I varnished the top with some leftover Varathane I had from making the little mushroom table, although in retrospect that was kind of a mistake because the can had little flecks of rust in it that I had to pick off :/


Of course I also had to fill the screw holes from the old handles and drill new holes for the vintage crystal knobs I stumbled across at the Little Hardware Co by my house. The big drawer at the bottom right has a secret compartment for all my secret secrets and on each side there’s a little pull-out tray in case I need more desk space.

New Desk

Cost: the desk itself was free, and although I spent like, $130 on primer and paint and wood filler, I have enough of all those things left to refinish the dresser and maybe even the piano. WHO KNOWS. Anyway the most $$$ expense was the crystal knobs, at $7.50 each, but I think they are worth it, they look so much better than the old bulky drawer pulls.

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    1. Well, when I vacuumed all the bug powder out I did find dead ants and spiders, so if there were bedbugs I’m pretty sure I toasted them, and it’s been inside for a few weeks now so if there was any live ones, I’d know!

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