Last night as I was drifting off to sleep Claire decided it was the perfect time to get up close and personal with my face. She stuck her nose to my nose and stared at me with her huge eyes and it was like being alien abducted. Then she bit me so I pushed her off the bed.


I’m actually a little concerned about her- she used to be a very fat cat, but she’s lost tons of weight and I would say she’s bordering on downright skinny now. There have been some changes to her life recently so I’m not sure which caused her to lose weight.
a. I got a puppy and she’s not very excited about it.
b. She has a new tower home that she spends all day climbing up and down.
c. I switched her from really cheap food to better quality food.
d. All or some of the above.


I keep her food up in her tower so I know she’s eating it and not one of the dogs, so that’s good, and her behavior and personality haven’t changed AT ALL in spite of her advancing years- she’s 12 now and still acts exactly the same as when she was a young cat. She’s just so thin now! idk, maybe she’s normal and I’m just used to cats being fat.

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  1. My cat used to be a total fatty and managed to get super skinny now that she’s old (14) too, maybe it’s just something that happens when cats get older. She eats wet food twice a day and as much dry food as she wants, and she’s been to the vet a few times since it stared happening so whatevs.

  2. If her coat and teeth look healthy and there are no personality changes I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
    My cat gets super skinny in the summer and then is a roly poly in the winter.

  3. It might just be that she’s getting older, because both my old cats got skinner as they got older, however, maybe you should take her to the vet just in case, because it turned out one of my cats had a hyperactive thyroid and that caused her significant weight loss (she used to be HUGE and then in the last few years she got really tiny and thin). Throughout her life she’s always been really chatty and meowed a lot, which was apparently because of her condition. So when we found out, she started taking daily pills.

    They both still lived a happy 17 years,

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