Pomegranate Heart

It’s nowhere near finished, obviously, but I’m basically like, IN LOVE with this painting. I think that makes me conceited, haha.

Self-Portrait Progress
Le Coeur de Grenade
Self-Portrait Progress
Le Coeur de Grenade (detail)

The bird will be green and blue, the fish will be red and purple, and the pomegranate will obviously be red, but I’m having difficulty deciding what colour to do the hair. Dark, like the original picture? Lighter, like it is now? Or grey, like it’s on its way to becoming? I just don’t know! I think I’ll leave it for the very last, and maybe by then I will have figured it out.

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  1. I think it looks fabulous, and in my mind’s eye I still picture you with dark hair. Despite the fact that it has not been that dark the times I have met you face-to-face.

  2. I totally LOVE this Madonna of the Pomegranates. Actually kinda like the blue hair but anyway, not grey. Too depressing. Who needs True Hair Colour anyway?

      1. Hey, that’s terrific, except that grey isn’t natural! I insist upon this! It is evil and To Be Avoided. I have managed to avoid mine for more than 20 years, anyway.

  3. i would say orange or blonde but that wouldn’t work because the colors are too close together to red and the color of her blouse. So go with gray, it should build a lot of contrast to the red pomegranate

  4. I think the hair should be be black with crazy blue highlights like some weird anime character. Then you should give the painting to me. Yep. Sounds great.

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