The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Symphony had a weird tooth this week. I’m not going to post a picture of it because it’s weird and creepy, but what happened was one of her baby teeth, the root didn’t dissolve completely, so while it was still firmly anchored in her gum, it was also hollowed out, sharp and raggedy where the root had dissolved and full of blood. Yep. Charming. I had her dad take her to the dentist yesterday and they gave her the option of just trying to wiggle it out at home, or having it pulled. In a surprise move (because she is usually a big chicken about the dentist) she opted to have it pulled out. She brought it home in a little pink tooth-shaped box and left it for the Tooth Fairy last night, but unfortunately the Tooth Fairy was very busy sewing birthday presents until midnight and forgot to leave anything. Luckily, Sym figured out that it was because she left the box on her desk, not under her pillow, and hypothesized that maybe, when the kids are napping and I’m watching Veronica Mars, the Tooth Fairy just might be able to sneak into her room. She stashed the box under her pillow and wouldn’t you know it? That wily fairy already snuck in there and left a tiny gift in place of the creepy tooth!

Tiny Presents

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