Little Symmie
Big Symmie

Unfortunately Symphony is at her dad’s this morning and I can’t force her to have her picture taken, so here is one from last week (when I made doughnuts for her class Halloween party) that I think is representative of her overall disposition. And yes, that is me in the first picture with purple hair. Really.

Now for my pre-birthday party to-do list:
-clean the entire house
-buy party food
-prep party food
-make funfetti mini-doughnuts & cupcakes
-make half a dozen more tissue paper pompom flowers
-hang up all the tissue paper pompom flowers and eight miles of green crêpe paper

….. plus have a shower at some point and all this in the next 6 1/2 hours. Taylor and Clay are going to help as well but they won’t get here until one o’clock or so. Surprisingly, no one wanted to take the morning off work to help me clean the house. I know, I’m baffled too.

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  1. Symphony was the prettiest baby I have ever seen.

    And that still stands.

    And now I think she’s looking so much more like you than ever, she’s the prettiest 9 year old I have ever seen.

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