A Better Wednesday


I may have mentioned before that Wednesdays are the most difficult day of my week, because I have SO MANY KIDS. In addition to my three full timers I have three of my four part timers, for a total of six kids. Now, I’m licensed for seven but let me tell you, six is too many!

At the start of this month I gave one of my part time families notice, since I could no longer accommodate their erratic schedule, and they asked if they could stay if, starting in January, they switched to a regular schedule. I said sure, but told them Wednesdays were no longer available because I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Originally I had eight of these Wednesdays, but one is during my Christmas vacation so that left me with seven. One of my part timers is going to be away for two weeks in December so that left me with five. The passage of time ate up three, and one part timer is home sick today, leaving me with just two more of these busy-busy days until I’m done with them forever! And who knows, someone else might get sick or have vacation!

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