Please! Do Not Salt the Stairs!

As I mentioned in my dog boots post, at the first hint of snow my neighborhood goes crazy with the salt. I don’t like it, and I especially don’t like it when they salt my stairs. It just ends up getting tracked into my house and making a mess and really? If there was a lot of snow I could just shovel the stairs. It started snowing a little today so, like every year,, I made a sign:

Signs Everywhere

… Aaaaaaaaaaand two hours later:

Salt Anyway

See all that blue and white stuff that isn’t old dead leaves? Yep. Salt. Sigh. All the time I spent making my awesome sign and APPARENTLY our maintenance dude (not the creepy one, a different one) is illiterate. Now I get to go out in the cold and sweep it all up! Fortunately,

Proud in her Boots and Hoodie

DOG BOOTS. And as you can see, there really isn’t any snow outside anyway, so why all the salt???

Also, I left a bag of trash outside today and we were visited by some Night Ninjas, now in the day!

The Daytime Night Ninja

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