Snow Day*

*not a day off due to snow, just a day which happens to be snowy

Let’s start with last night, before the snow. Taylor had worked a fifteen hour shift so he slept all evening so it was just a Mommy and Symmie night. I was too lazy to cook a real meal so we had Scoobi Doo-aghettis and popcorn in her room while watching iCarly and How to be Indie. I know, I know. Mom of the Year, right? Sym had on a cozy cold night outfit so perfect I had to put it on her lookbook.

Symmie Ready for Inside

Doubled up stripey sweaters, pink reindeer waffle leggings and Sumi slippers? It shouldn’t work but somehow it’s awesome.

Of course, her outfit this morning was a little different.

Symmie Ready for Outside

Yes, it’s snowing Vancouver today, but not like that sad amount last weekend. REALLY snowing. I got up earlier than usual to walk Georgie so I could shovel my stairs and the path before the daycare kids started arriving, and I’ve already had to shovel them a second time! Oh, and in spite of my sign the maintenance guy or some other “helpful” person chucked salt all over them again! I don’t understand how they don’t understand what happened when you just dump salt on top of snow- it melts in to water, which, when the salt is used up or IDK shoveled away with the rest of the snow, turns into ice, therefore negating the only purpose of the salt: de-icing! Anyway after I shoveled a second time (I actually use a small dustpan to do it since using a snow shovel in such a confined space is a hassle), I used Kichou’s old retractable leash to put the sign somewhere they can’t help but see it!

They Can't Possibly Miss This

Now we’ll find out once and for all if they are actually illiterate or just unobservant.

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