The Cost of Doing Business with Cats

Suicide Cat
Claire on Saturday, after getting all $180 of her bloodwork done

The vet called me yesterday with the results of Claire’s blood & urine tests from the weekend, and they weren’t great. She’s gained a bit of weight (1.3 pounds since she was diagnosed) and while her blood sugar has come down a little it’s still too high, as well as being way to low at times throughout the day. Plus, she still has a lot of sugar in her pee. idk she’s a fuzzy mess, basically. Because of the points of low blood sugar the vet didn’t want to increase her insulin dosage, so instead we’re switching her to a different kind of insulin. People insulin.

All My Insulins
Lavender must be the universal colour for diabetes.

On the left we have Caninsulin, for dogs and cats. It’s made from pigs, and costs $10. On the right is Lantus Insulin, for people (and also cats). It costs $70. ARGH. Plus $40 for all new syringes, great just great. The upside is that not only is the new insulin is clearly way bigger, but I also give her less of it at a time, so maybe it’ll even out? And since I’m now getting her meds from the drugstore I don’t have to pay the $15 fee for the sharps box. So it’s all good, right? Right.

She loves me.

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