Rooms to Live In

My apartment is very “open plan,” with the kitchen/dining/living areas all one big awkwardly shaped room. In my current set up, the living room area is sort of tucked into this smallish nook, which is cozy but a little cramped. There is a larger area which has never really been finished- it used to be the library until I took down all the bookcases to make room for the piano, so now it’s more of a music room/office.

Current Set Up

For the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking of switching the main functions of these rooms, and I finally have Taylor on board (his biggest concern seems to be getting speaker stands, guys are so weird!). In this potential new set up the current living room would become a small shared office area for Taylor and myself, with two desks on one side and a wall of storage on the other. The new living room would still have the piano, plus new bookcases, as well as the couch and tv and Taylor’s crucial speaker stands,

Potential Set Up

I think this could really work! With the way it’s set up now there isn’t really room for bookcases anywhere, or a desk for Taylor, or end tables to put your drinks on when you are watching tv so that you don’t have to put your glass on the back of the couch and knock it off about three hundred times in a row (luckily this has only happened with things in capped bottles, empty wine glasses and cups of water), this would solve all those problems. So now I just need a week off and a bucket of money to make it a reality!

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