Things Change

It seems that every year there’s a time when I have a huge turnover of clients, and that kind of happened today- two of my full time clients gave notice, or rather, gave NO notice, forfeiting their deposits. Now I have just one little girl full time, and four kids part time, who come 1-3 days a week each.

On one hand it sucks, I’m kind of annoyed that these families schemed together like this (and I know they did), and a tiny part of my brain is bugging about money. That part really wants to get bigger and louder, but I’m not going to let it. I’m going to look at the positive side of this: my work day is about to get a lot easier!

1. The kids (and one of the sets of parents) were kind of high-maintenance, needed a lot of attention and had tons of drama.
2. The kids both go to morning preschool, but on alternating days, so I’d have to drop off & pick up one or the other every day, taking all the other kids with me, which was always a huge production.
3. With them gone, I only have two to four kids here. Less kids = less work, less work = less stress, less stress = happier me!

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  1. Well, I am always all for a less-stressed Tanie, but it sucks that they were jerks about it. At least you get to keep the deposits.

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