A New View

A New View

I moved my desk! Georgie helped! Not really. Last night I painted painted painted and got the north wall finished, so this morning I moved my desk over from the west wall- now I can paint the rest of the room (once I finish spackling all the holes and dents, you can kind of see how much I’ve done already on that little section of wall between the right-hand closet door and the foyer entrance) and move the piano to its final resting place. For now, though, it’s a mess in here. On the left of that picture you can see the old alley dresser which I still haven’t refinished. Out of frame behind it is the piano, and that big white box in front of it is my new Christmas tree, which was just delivered, yay!

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  1. so is your desk now sharing a wall with your kitchen? i’m looking at the blueprint and i can’t figure it out.


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