Almost Done!

it looks yellower/darker in this pic than irl because of the TERRIBLE lighting in this room- CFLs in ugly titty lights! this will have to change

Last night I was able to get two coats done on the remaining walls in the new living room, but it was so dark I wanted to wait until the morning to see if it needed a third, which it does. While the kids were having snack I did all the edges, and at naptime I can do all the rollering and then I’ll be finished! Theoretically I could probably even move the living room furniture in here this weekend but I don’t know if Taylor will be up for that.

Ms Pufftail
Georgie has not been very much of a help. Last night while I was giving Claire her insulin Georgie stole the foam brush I was using for the edges and started chewing it up on the carpet, and she was sniffing at the wet paint this morning- she has pale green whiskers now. She also has some pale green paw pads, but then again, so do I! I mean. The bottoms of my feet. Not my paw pads.

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