Weekend Stuffs

Fat Stupid Marvin

One of my Friday night visitors. There were three little raccoons- a brave one, a shy one and this one, who I named Marvin. Fat, stupid Marvin, who just sat there and stared at me.

I spent almost the entire weekend tearing my apartment down and building it up again. It took me most of Saturday afternoon just to move the tv- it’s mounted to the wall and the first time I put the bracket up it ended up being a quarter of an inch off being level so I had to start all over, plus fill in the holes and repaint that spot. So annoying! The rooms are basically switched now, and we got rid of two big pieces of furniture and about four or five bags of trash. I’ve spent all of today cleaning up., and as a result I don’t have anything fun to post about, except a couple little bits.

Our first Christmas gift! We got this from Taylor’s sister and her boyfriend and OF COURSE I had to open it as soon as it came. It’s tealight holder that’s a little forest with deers and an owl and it’s so cute, I just love it!

Forest Tealight Holder
Forest Tealight Holder

The one thing we did do was last night Taylor and I FINALLY say the new Harry Potter movie- we’ve planned to go a bunch of times but always changed our minds because we were lazy or it was cold and rainy out. We had actually decided not to go again, but at the last minute I was like NOPE, WE’RE GOING, TURN OFF THE XBOX AND PUT ON A SHIRT. I’m glad we did, not just because I really wanted to see it AND it was really good, but because we needed to get out of the house for a while!

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    1. He was pretty funny. The brave one kept coming right up to the window and high-fiving me through the glass, while the shy one hung back and stood on his hind legs looking shocked, but fat, stupid Marvin just sat there.

  1. Glad you liked it!
    When I saw the deer/fawns It SHOUTED your name.
    Oh, and very envious about Harry Potter. Still havent gone get, maybe this week (fingers crossed!)

    1. I LOVE IT! It’s living on my desk forever 🙂

      Harry Potter was really good! I’m also proud of myself for keeping it together and not crying until near the end.

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