One Down, a Mess to Go


Now that the new living room is “done” (I still need to put up pictures and buy a bookcase or two, some end tables, and Taylor’s precious speaker stands) it’s time to start working on the old one. As you can sort-of see in the picture below, it’s a mess:

this is really to show where some shelves were

IGNORE ME! There are holes from where the tv and a mini shelf used to be, and there was a Lack wall shelf and two Expedit 1×5 bookcases mounted on the wall that had to come down. I figured I’d tackle that this morning so I could start filling all the holes in preparation for painting. I put those two Expedits up all by myself and I really have no idea how- they were WEDGED between the brackets under them and the ceiling above them. To get them down was no small feat, and I definitely conked myself in the head with one and also did this when the bracket tore out of the wall.


WHOOPSIES. There are 34 regular holes to fill and that double-holed tear, which is about 3 1/2″ across, so I have my work cut out for me! By the way, that is a much more accurate representation of the pale green living room wall colour- this room has more natural light and a fixture with halogen bulbs instead of the CFL titty lights in the new living room. I guess I need to buy some new lights too!

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