Look at my Wall

I painted the new office/old living room tonight! I didn’t think I’d have enough time since Sym has piano on Tuesdays, but her teacher (like me and everyone I know) is sick so he cancelled. I think I’m done, but I won’t be able to tell for sure until the morning, so now it’s time to go wash all the paint splatters off and go to bed!

5 Replies to “Ta-DAH!”

    1. Also: I had the window open while I was painting because it was so hot. I was up on my little step ladder doing the trim around the window, and FAT STUPID MARVIN STUCK HIS FACE RIGHT IN, all like HEY WHAT’RE YOU GUYS DOING IN HERE D’YOU GOT ANY SNACKS?

      1. DID HE GET YOUR CREDIT CARD SO HE COULD BUY SOME AT THE CORNER STORE? He and identity theft raccoon could use your ID and get some beers

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