Get it Together, Face

I am not a person who is overly concerned with her appearance. I mean, sure, I like to look nice, but I don’t ever look perfect. I’m a real person, not an airbrushed picture. I have pores and flyaway hairs (and grey ones) and even the start of some wrinkles. It’s fine, I accept this. I have no problem with going out in public with no makeup, and even posting pictures of my makeup-less self ON THE INTERNET. Pictures where I look weird, or ugly! Where everyone can see! And judge! The thing is, I LIKE being a real person who doesn’t care about this stuff, it makes life so much easier. There is ONE THING, though, that I can’t deal with.


I’m THIRTY-THREE, why am I getting pimples??? When I was in my late teens/early twenties I had problems with cystic acne, and went through several rounds of tetracycline to clear it up (which also helped to yellow my teeth nicely). In my mid-twenties I had a flare-up and not wanting more antibiotics, I was prescribed some harsh retinol cream that fried my face and didn’t do much for the blemishes (although I think it helped with the aforementioned tiny wrinkles), but eventually my face cleared up on its own, and since then it’s been mostly smooth sailing.

Until this week. This week my face (and body!) have FREAKED OUT. I have two huge blemishes on my upper chest, right by my collarbones on either side. They are so symmetrical Taylor wondered if they were some sort of supernumerary nipples (HAHA) but thankfully they are going away now. My main concern is this chin blemish. It’s invisible irl but shows up slightly in photobooth pictures.

Me & my Pimple
excuse my beauty

I know it looks like nothing but please rest assured it is HUGE and PAINFUL. It’s like a pain marble inserted into my skin. It just hurts and hurts all the time and there’s NOTHING I can do except wait it out. God, face. GET IT TOGETHER >:|

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  1. Holy shit, I’m going through the same thing right now. Three cystic pimples on my chin this week, GRAR! I think it’s school stress. Thirty means I should be a pizza face anymore!

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