Part of a Room at a Time

Office-slash-Christmas Tree Room

I slept in this morning so I didn’t have a chance to clean up the new office before starting work, but I managed to get it done throughout the day. I’d originally planned to put my desk on the opposite wall, but I kind of like it under that fake window, for now at least.

New Home for my Desk
A Place for Homeless Items

These things don’t have a permanent home yet: Claire’s tower, one of the bookcases I took down off the wall, assorted large vinyl toys and our robot lamp. I kind of like them here though, the toys match the ~colour scheme~ and I was finally able to get the magazine files full of Taylor’s comics out of the bedroom!

Claire has been enjoying all my furniture rearranging since I’ve been leaving out lots of temporary cat beds.

Everything is for Cats to Lie On
Everything is for Cats to Lie On

The base of the new Christmas tree is too big to fit inside the cube I used last year and I don’t have a tree skirt :/ My Birds of a Feather rug makes an adequate substitute for now; Claire is certainly on board!

Last night when I was painting Marvin stuck his face right in the open window, I was up on a little step-ladder at the time and I just about fell off in surprise! He also tried to steal some suction cups (from Christmas lights last year) of the windowsill. Sneaky Marvin!


Also, PUPPY.

Georgie & I are Ready for the Holidays
The Cutest Pup
Still Loves her Elephant


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  1. You need a pay-to-view cam for your house. Nothing dirty, it’s just that people should have to pay to witness such awesomeness.

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