O Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2010

Our new tree, all decorated up! Since it’s bigger than the old tree I was worried we wouldn’t have enough ornaments, but we definitely do! Every year I like to buy a couple new ones anyway, and this year I was all about white birds.

New Ornament: Owl
New Ornaments: White Birds

I’m not sure why these two little white birds are right next to each other. I haven’t done any ornament rearranging yet (AMAZING I KNOW) but if I do this is what I’ll change.

Symphony Starring the Tree

Symphony had to climb on Taylor’s shoulders to put up the star- she was VERY ANXIOUS about being up that high and clutched on to his hair until I pried her fingers free. She managed to get the star up without further incident.

I haven’t done much other decorating around the house. I need to find a good spot for my nativity scene, and last year i also decorated some of the light fixtures. Symphony put out something though.

Perler Snowflakes

Our collection of Perler bead snowflakes in the window.

Symphony's Penguin & Tree Crafts

She made the penguins at school last year and the Christmas tree at her grandmas house.

We had lots of snacks and ordered pizza, but here is what I made: cherry chip mini-doughnuts from that weird cake mix, glazed & with red sprinkles; and golden cupcakes, white cake with vanilla frosting and gold sprinkles.

Cherry Chip Doughnuts
Solid Gold Cupcakes

Symphony wore this very festive shirt from Zara. She actually asked me to take this picture for lookbook, haha!

Symphony Before Tree-Trimming
Me Before Christmas Tree

I wore a grey tank top (SHOCKING!) and actually did my hair (ACTUALLY SHOCKING!).

Taylor wore a dog.

Taylor and Kichouato

KIDDING. This picture is from last week. My husband has a penchant for putting dogs in his sweaters.

Little Puppins

Georgie practiced looking innocent and then later she found a bird ornament I missed when I was going through the decorations box and chewed its head off most gruesomely. It’s been predicted that it will not be her last Christmas transgression.

Rich and Jenn were also here but I didn’t get any pictures of them, except one weird one of Jenn when she’s bent over decorating and just looks like a black blob, and Rich staring creepily from behind the tree when Sym was putting the star up, so I’m not posting those. I need to get better at capturing these precious memories, for real. Anyway, we drank tons of wine, ate an entire bowl of salso con queso and watched Scrooged, a movie I haven’t seen since I was a kid and which was a lot weirder than I remembered! Symphony didn’t want to watch it so she just watch Powerpuff Girls videos on youtube and then went to bed, but since we aren’t spending Christmas together we’re having a mini-Christmas next week, and I think that’ll call for a viewing of Elf in our traditional Christmas pajamas (note to self: buy Christmas pajamas).

12 Replies to “O Christmas Tree”

  1. Oooh I love the snowflakes! And if I don’t get my hands on some sort of doughnut making device in the near future I might cry.

    Everything is nearly obnoxiously cute, nice job. πŸ˜€

    1. I bought a bag of a THOUSAND white perler beads to make snowflakes last year but it didn’t come intime so I MIXED THEM IN WITH ALL THE OTHER COLOURS omg kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Also get the donut machine, it’s only like $25 and it’s PURE AWESOME.

  2. Tanie! Where did you get your doughnut maker from? I want to get one for my brother for chrimbo.


    And your tree looks beautiful!

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