Presents & Wrapping

Tonight Symphony went with her dad and stepmom to the Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Gardens, and since Taylor is in bed I took the opportunity of ~alone time~ to get some Christmas shopping done.

I picked up stuff for Taylor…


And for Sym…


Sym put this mini-gift under the mini-tree for me!


Also, something REALLY weird happened- I came home from shopping and there was already a present wrapped up under the tree!

Mystery presents

How mysterious! I should leave my webcam on so I can catch these sneaky pets in their holiday sneakiness.

Anyway I really love wrapping presents. I like picking out all the paper and tags, and even the act of wrapping (in which I’m actually professionally trained) is fun for me. I always like to ~coordinate~ the wrapping, so this year I’m using plain red paper and white satin ribbon, both from Paper Source, and tags from this ADORABLE gift tag set from Galison, all purchased from Room in Order.


They are so cute I wish I had more gifts to wrap! I guess I’ll just have to do more shopping 🙂

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  1. I’m so jealous of your gift wrapping skills! This is the worst and most annoying part of the holidays for me, it’s just so stressful! I’m going to be very happy the day I learn how to wrap a normal square box without it looking like it was done by a 5 year old.

    Which is does. Everytime.

    1. I just went to the site quickly to find the items I bought and then just as quickly navigated away before I had a freak out, haha.

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