Happy Day!

Today is such a good day! The sun is shining, I only have one kid here AND she’s getting picked up early! This morning she and I went out and walked the dogs and went to the park and just had so much fun. Tonight we’re going for dinner with Taylor’s dad and his partner, which means I don’t have to cook, which is ALWAYS a bonus.

Other good stuff:

Last night was Symphony’s school’s holiday concert, which was pretty weird, funny. I thought we got there early but idk, all the other parents must be huge keeners because the gymnasium was already PACKED! We had to sit near the back so I couldn’t really get any good pictures during the show, but here she is beforehand.


idk why she can’t just make a normal face, like, EVER. Also appreciate Claire in this shot, it’s similar to this one of me. As you can also tell I had to move the Christmas presents out from under the tree after a chewing incident involving a puppy who shall not be named.

After the concert Taylor and I went shopping so I could get a NEW PHONE HOORAY!

New Phone!

You may recall I was having intense screen issues with my old one, and it had gotten to the point where it had been dis- and re-assembled so many times that every time I tried to slide it open the faceplate and buttons fell off! Not good. I used this old HTC Dream for a while but it was pretty bunged up and the battery was totally crapped out. I bought myself a new HTC Desire Z and I love it (in spite of some deranged tweets about all my facebook friends being added to the phonebook you might have seen). I also have a new phone number so if you had my old number you should ask me for my new one!

Anyway I have a bunch of cleaning and chores to do while it’s naptime for my lone charge today, so I’ll leave you all with an alert puppins.


Happy Friday!

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  1. I was taking pics of my brother yesterday after his college graduation. He also can’t smile normally with teeth. What a silly face.

    Sym looks great though! Love the shoes!

    And your cat totally photo-bombed that picture, which makes me smile.

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