A Visit from the Christmas Elf

(To learn about the tradition of the Christmas Elf please visit my post from last year)

Sym's Christmas Elf Haul

a couple of choclate coins (classic); red, white and green M&Ms; a mini-book of fairy glitter stickers; a small toy fawn; green apple, pomegranate and cream soda Jelly Bellies; and a note which reads:

dear Symphony,
good job on your room! can you please ask your mom to do a better job on hers?
the Christmas Elf

That note is SO humiliating, but I guess that’s what I get for not keeping my room clean. I think that if I tidy up and Sym keeps up her good work the Christmas Elf just might make a return visit. Also, can we talk about how Symphony, upon waking up to find her shoes full of a bounty of toys and candy, LEFT IT THERE until I woke up and told her she could have some? How is one kid so well behaved???

7 Replies to “A Visit from the Christmas Elf”

    1. It’s not even me- it’s my messy husband and his piles of comic books and dirty laundry! Remind me again why I married a teenage boy?

    1. I know, I heard her get up HOURS before I did so I was expecting to find her all sugared up and crazy. She still hasn’t even eaten all her candy!

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