Symmie Crafts

Sym & her Caterpillar

Symphony made a little terrarium out of a Ferrero Rocher box (I have a million, thanks Christmas!) and some felt, and today she asked me to help her make some caterpillars for it.

Caterpillar House

Caterpillar Supplies & Equipment
Scissors, needles and thread. Green pompoms (Sym only wanted to make green ones- it’s our favorite colour), glue and googly eyes from my extensive googly eye collection.

Caterpillar Supplies

These are easy to do- just thread your pompoms & glue on the eyes!

Caterpillars at Home

Sym also drew this little girl on orange felt and cut her out- she said she’s a little sister, and we had to bring her everywhere with us today. On one side she’s awake and on the other she’s asleep!

Sym's "Little Sister"
Sym's "Little Sister"

4 Replies to “Symmie Crafts”

  1. oh my goodness the glittery pom pom caterpillar is too cute!! and i think she is hinting at something with the ‘little sister’ 😉 😉

  2. She drew that little sister? That’s a pretty amazing little drawing! Very comic-book style….maybe drawing will be her thing. (With the fawn too!)

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