The New Sleeping Husband

Way back in the olden days of the internet, I used to have my computer in the bedroom. Since Taylor works nights, he sleeps during the day and all my Photo Booth pictures had the ubiquitous sleeping husband in the background, sometimes also adorned with sleeping dogs.

Old Sleepsies

This picture is so old, look at my dark hair!

Eventually I moved my computer onto an actual desk in the-room-formerly-known-as-the-library-now-known-as-the-living-room, and now it’s in the-room-formerly-known-as-the-living-room-now-known-as-the-office. The background keeps changing, and with the addition of Taylor’s new, wrong colour desk (not to self: PAINT IT) it’s changed again.

Taylor's Wrong-Colour Desk

The bummer part is I actually kind of like it, but with my yellow desk, the dark brown bookcase and drawers and the white end table my printer lives on there’s already too much going on in here, colour-scheme wise. Anyway. With the addition of his desk, my pictures will now (occasionally) feature something new: WORKING HUSBAND!

Working Husband

You can’t tell, but his lap is actually adorned with the traditional sleeping dog.

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