Modest Gifts

Why no, I haven’t finished posting about Christmas yet! I wanted to share a couple of gifts, but not in like, a big braggy list, because the internet finds that gross. I mean, I got a lot of gifts, and they were awesome, but what I appreciate most is the thought that went into the things people gave me. I feel extremely lucky this year, and I’m so grateful for all the gifts my family and I received.

Fox & Shirt

Taylor wanted to get me the Joanna Rutter fox & forest earrings I’d asked for, but they were unfortunately sold, so instead he got me a sweet little fox cub necklace, which, as it turned out, I’d posted on my tumblr way back in September. You can see it in the picture above, next to my star necklace (which was also from Taylor from a few years back). Also pictured is the wool shirt from Club Monaco I got for Taylor, because I’m wearing it. It’s itchy and warm and I love it, and I hope he loves it too.

Outer Senshi
l-r: Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus

Although she also got a DSi from us, my favorite gift for Sym was the four Outer Senshi felt dolls I made, to go with the Sailor Moon dolls from last year (she says I still need to make Tuxedo Kamen). Making these ones was a lot easier than last year- I already had the techniques worked out and the patterns and faces (I embroider the features onto a separate face piece and then sew it to the doll’s head) made. I saved all the patterns and I can use them to make other dolls (like the Felt Family I made for Sym’s birthday) in the same scale so they can be played with together.

I’m also very grateful and appreciative of this little fuzzy wumkins, she really is the most delightful dog 🙂

Georgie & Me
Nodding Georgie

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    1. I wanted to get a video of her growling and chasing her tail but as soon as I grabbed my camera she saw a squirrel through the window and that was the end of fun and games.

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