Rainbow Kitchen Update

New Purple Plates/Bowls

When we were at Ikea last weekend, Taylor and I picked up some dark purple Fagrik bowls which, with the red Waechtersbach mugs we bought in November, finished my sweet ~rainbow of dishes~

For some reason I thought it’d be a good idea to take this picture at night when it’s all dark in here, and now a bunch of dishes are dirty and I don’t feel like washing them to take a new, daytime picture. Deal with it.


HOORAY. I also have more rainbow steak knives– they were one of many awesome Christmas gifts from Taylor’s sister Jaime and her boyfriend Shawn.

More Rainbow Knives

Pro tip: If you want to give people lots of ideas for what to buy you, start a blog in which you just talk about the weird stuff you’re obsessed with.

10 Replies to “Rainbow Kitchen Update”

    1. lol you’re welcome, haha. It took me over a year to collect everything, but I’m glad I waited to find things I really liked.

    1. Thanks! I had white dishes before, and I wanted something different when I replaced them. I couldn’t decide on a colour, so I chose EVERY colour 🙂

      1. 1) We have the same bowls!

        2) You need to tell your wonderful gift giver that the internets demands to know where they got those sweet sweet knives

        3) I actually started copying the rainbow idea about 6 months ago. YER MY INSPIRATION

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