How to be an Internet Millionaire

Idk if you guys know, but when I link to books and stuff (mostly books) on, it’s through the Affliates program (I do have a ~disclaimer~ about it on my bio page and all my reading list pages). What this means is if someone clicks those links and buys something, I earn a sweet nickel or two. Well, last night I got my first payment from the program- after only IDK A YEAR PRACTICALLY I got this sweet giftcard for $11.57.

make it rain guys pictures, backgrounds and images

I applied it to my account and it will cover the cost of a book for my Kindle. Which I’ll then post about here, and someone will click the link and buy it and thus the process begins anew.

ALSO last night I sold my pastel rainbow micro bunting on etsy (get your own here, it’s only $2.50 so you really have no excuse).
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Only $999, 985.93 to go.