We Have Baked Beautiful Cookies

Beautiful Cookies

Inspired by this Slate article and the discovery that I had both chocolate AND peanut butter chips in the cupboard, I baked cookies. Beautiful cookies. I need to keep the illusion of a perfect life alive!

Beautiful Cookies

These might seriously be the prettiest cookies I’ve ever made. Usually I’m too lazy/unwilling to sticky up my hands to roll little dough balls and just plop spoonfuls willy-nilly, which bake all deformed and ugly and usually end up sticking together. But NOT TODAY. Today I rolled the dough balls and spaced them out properly and even rotated my baking sheets. Add this to my recent spate of actually cooking dinner and I’m like a homemaking machine! Now if I could only do all this while keeping up with the laundry… Oh and I should have taking pictures while I was baking because I used my matching M-Cup Matroyshka measuring cups and M-Spoons Matryoshka measuring spoons, how whimsical and precious of me.

Beautiful Cookies

As usual I used the Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe from The Crepes of Wrath.

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  1. We share an interesting matryoshka obsession…I totally bought the measuring spoons to match my measuring cups about a few months ago…. SOUL MATES??

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