Traditional Shelves

Traditional Ikea Benno Wall

Last night I bought these four classic Ikea Benno shelves off some guy on craigslist. They’re in perfect condition and cost me $100 less than buying them new, plus we didn’t have to go all the way out to the suburbs to get them. The only weird part was the guy had all the little shelves in the cd configuration. Compact discs? Seriously? Who even owns those anymore? (Answer: not me). Anyway I put them up last night and got to spend some fun times this morning alphabetizing all of our movies/tv shows. Oh and I just realized you can see all three of Taylor’s video game consoles in that picture. WOW.

Speaking of music (what a great segue), here’s what I’ve been listening to:


Dead Man’s Bones; Florence + the Machine, Lungs; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros; Away We Go Soundtrack; She & Him Volume Two
I’m not really a “playlist” person, like I don’t like to go through all my songs picking and choosing and arranging them in just the right order. I’m more of a “whole album” person, as in I put whole albums into my playlists. I also like my playlists to be a minimum for four hours long so I can just press play in the morning and leave it.

As far as making better food choices is going, well. Last night we had to wait around this weird mall for 20 minutes while the craigslist guy got the shelves ready for us, and Taylor wanted to get McDonald’s. I could have said FORGET THIS HEALTHY STUFF and gotten a Big Mac or something, but instead I just had a diet Coke and some of his fries. Okay, half of his fries. So not a total fail, right? And for lunch today, Taylor was going to go pick up some take out (since he got home from work at 1pm, argh), but I asked him to just get some bread and tomatoes and I made us sandwiches, which was a) healthier and b) more cost-effective. Go me! Except I forgot to have breakfast this morning. Oops. Here’s yesterday’s breakfast instead, toast with my all-time favorite jam: strawberry & champagne. It’s just better than regular strawberry.

Toast with the Best Jam

5 Replies to “Traditional Shelves”

    1. It is, and if you look at the top of that same shelf is the Angel box set. And at the bottom? All my Dawson’s Creek dvds.

  1. We really need new bookshelves and I like the way these look – we might have to take a trip over to Ikea this weekend. I can’t buy second-hand in NYC because I am terrified of bed bugs. It’s a semi-irrational fear but I am convinced that absolutely everything in the city is crawling with them.

    Also, strawberry and champagne jam sounds awesome. I’m so stupid – I just bought a jar of regular strawberry jam. Sigh.

    1. Bedbugs are definitely not something semi-irrational to be terrified of! We have them in Vancouver too- a couple people I know in the block have gotten them and it’s made me a little paranoid (not so paranoid that I resisted hauling my desk in here from the alleyway, although I did leave it out on my patio stuffed full of diatomaceous earth for three months!).

      My tip for these shelves is to clamp them together before you attach them too the wall, otherwise they don’t sit flush and look all wobbly and weird. Also, be sure you have ALL your dvds on hand before you start arranging them- I thought I was all done and then last night Taylor found a whole box of movies that I’d somehow missed and I had to move them all, argh.

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