No Boys Aloud!

No Boys Aloud! (sic)

A couple of weeks ago Symphony had her friends Ali and Aya over, and for reasons that are unclear to me, they decided they really hated boys. They spent the afternoon in Sym’s room making flags and signs for the “I Hate Boys” club, which mostly involved a tidal wave of glitter, which I’m still finding all over the house. The best part though, was they took the time to clarify to me that this boy hating didn’t include their fathers or stepfather, because they’re men, and Sym and her friends only hate boys.

Wise beyond their years.

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      1. A friend who had an unpleasant habit of coming over to one’s house and destroying your bathroom. :S Every time.

        Seemed more relevant at the time lol.

    1. I KNOW. The glitter they used is better than a really fine one because it’s coarse and therefore easy to vacuum up, but it needs more glue to stick effectively.

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