Birthday Weekend

Two Dogs
these dogs love birthdays

It was my birthday this Saturday, and although I didn’t do anything particularly special, I still had a really nice weekend.

Friday Night was our regular Dance Central night, although our friends came over as well, and Taylor bought me a really yummy cake (which unfortunately did not last long enough to be photographed).

Plaid Family
plaid is cool

On Saturday I’d promised Sym we could go to the art/craft supply store to buy stuff to make Valentine’s Day cards for the kid in her class. Originally I’d planned to cut out my own animal shapes from velour paper, but then we saw these in the scrapbooking section so I decided to take the lazy way out and bought these instead. I know, I’m disappointed in myself as well.

Valentine Animals

Before that I opened my gift from Sym- a jar of Nutella (did you know Saturday was World Nutella Day? It was) and this cute little bear she made with her stepmom.

Symmie Bear & I
Sym & Georgie

After Sym went to her dad’s house, Taylor and I spent Saturday night being super lazy- we just laid around on the couch watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and eating leftover pizza and birthday cake. On Sunday morning he let me sleep in, although I wish he hadn’t- I had a difficult time falling asleep last night and I also missed spending the time with him- he has to go to bed on Sunday afternoons since his Monday shift starts at midnight, a fact I really really resent. REALLY.

Taylor & Georgie
I missed hours of this!

Instead of tidying the house, I ended up spending Sunday evening watching more Buffy and doing nothing, which was a bad idea since I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning and woke up two minutes AFTER I was supposed to start work to a messy house and my first client already at the door. Oopsies. As a result I’m very tired and cranky today, even after having my coffee and Nutella toast & orange juice.

Nutella Toast & Orange Juice
the Terry’s Chocolate Orange of breakfasts

Now, I had told Taylor he didn’t need to get my any birthday gifts this year, but through a series of weird glitches a refund meant for him ended up going onto MY credit card, so he told me that could be my gift, and I spent it the most reasonable way I knew how: SHOES.


New rainboots, snowboots and heels are all winging their way to my house as I type. Now, the rainboots I definitely need now since it’s bound to be soggy all spring. The snowboots not so much, but they were on sale and I’d be super made at myself if I didn’t buy them and had to pay full price next winter. The heels I’m especially pleased about- they are actually identical to the turquoise shoes I bought for my wedding, which I love but never wear because they’re. Well. Turquoise! I saw them in black a few months after I got married and wanted them, but they were $515 and I couldn’t justify/afford that for black heels, so I’d actually been thinking of having my turquoise ones dyed. I happened to be browsing the Gravity Pope website last week and lo and behold, two years later and they still have them, only now they’re on clearance for $127. WHAT. It’s especially fortuitous because Georgie chewed up my last pair of black heels a few months ago and I hadn’t replaced them yet. So like, SCORE.

unicorn necklace from tacky beautiful

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend celebrating my birthday & Nutella Day (there was nothing else going on, right?), and thank you to everyone out there in internet land who sent birthday wishes my way. I love you girls so much, you keep me young.


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    1. It’s actually one of 4 “nesting cubes” I got at that weird flowers/housewares store near Fritz on Davie. The one with all the weird nude angle statues in the window? I used the other three to make the tree bookcase & mushroom table for the kids’ part of the living room.

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