Happy Valentine’s Daughter

This morning Sym finished up all the Valentine cards she made for her classmates- I stupidly didn’t take any pictures of them but happily, she made one for me too 😀

Valentine from Sym

We were going to get red envelopes but they were sold out which is good I love these little gold ones!

Valentine from Sym
Valentine from Sym

BEE my Valentine, get it? And here is the shirt I got her:

Valentine Sym

Taylor actually picked it, I think because the little dog looks like a Georgie/Kichou hybrid.

Valentine Sym (with Ali)
Valentine Sym (with Ali)

Since there’s no school today her friend Ali came over to play, and they’re currently holed up in her room with a bunch of candy and Nintendo DSes

Taylor and I didn’t get each other gifts or cards or anything, but we did get this KEYTAR DOG.

Keytar Dog

2 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Daughter”

    1. YEAH IT IS I bought it at a yard sale. And the thing to the right of it is a (non-vintage aka new) pony castle that magically expands to three stories when you wave a wand at it.

      I had the ice cream shop that was a shoe and the ballet studio that was a baby bonnet.

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