I meant to write this post last night but instead I spent the whole evening watching creepypasta youtubes. Oops. I mean, TOTALLY A VALUABLE USE OF MY TIME.

Anyway. Friday was a super chill day- Sym was away with her dad, and I only had one daycare kid here and she’s a super good natured baby so we just hung out and played all day. At naptime I did some reading with my dog.

Literacy Dog

Later my internet friends Leanna and Carleigh came over to play Dance Central with Taylor & I.

2 Dancers & Two Dogs

Taylor, Leanna & two fuzzy dogs.
It was super fun- in fact I had a little too much beer fun:

Leanna, Tanie & Carleigh are so Great
Leanna, Tanie & Carleigh are so Great
Leanna, Tanie & Carleigh are so Great

Lovely. On Saturday I was feeling pretty gross but luckily Taylor and I had ordered Domino’s at one am so I had plenty of old, cold pizza to eat (note: I have no recollection of tweeting that).


Mmmmmmm. That was basically my whole day- I slept in, ate eight billion pieces of pizza and eventually left the house in the late afternoon to mail some bunting and buy snacks, because that evening another internet friend, Katrina, and her husband Scott came over to play SETTLERS OF CATAN.

You’ll have to pretend I have a picture of the exciting settling action.

I’d never played before, but instead of reading the instructions I decided to take the time travel learning approach and learn AFTER I played. It worked, and I won. Well, I won the first game, and then Scott decimated everyone in the other two games.

Sunday was spent running errands- I needed to get some piano books for Sym and I was on the prowl for new tank tops. We inexplicably left the house hours before any of the stores we were going to opened, so we stopped by The Templeton for breakfast (which was the only actual meal I ate all weekend, except for the pizza)


YES, we took pictures of each other in the restaurant and tweeted them WHAT OF IT. I wish I’d taken a picture of my huevos rancheros because it was delicious. Anyway. Once we started shopping I was unfortunately unable to find any tank tops I liked (because it’s February, durr), although I did get some tees and a sweatshirt at H&M, as well as socks and a Valentine shirt for Sym.

After running some boring dog errands (although I DID get 150 puppy pee pads for $40, score) we rounded out the afternoon with ice cream and SNL. Here’s Taylor enjoying Taran Killam’s amazing Eminem.

Tay Lollin'

You can’t tell because he’d pulled it together by the time I grabbed my camera but he almost choked on his ice cream.

Root Beer Float Ice Cream

The ice cream was root beer float flavour. I think we should make root beer floats with it and have root beer float root beer floats. Or would that be too much? Georgie thinks so.

Sleepy Puppy

4 Replies to “Weekenders”

  1. SETTLERS OF CATAN IS AMAZING. I played that all Friday night with some friends, and the only other time I had ever played it was in German back in university.

    If you are ever looking for games action partners, I am always in, Tanie!

    1. lo well idk if I’d call it amazing but it was fun. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have that gross feeling where you had a hangover so you drank too much coffee/coke and now you’re all jittery and weird. I’ll definitely let you know next time we’re playing though!

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