This blog is quickly becoming almost totally bunting themed. I actually promised myself I wouldn’t post about bunting for a while BUT I finally solved one of my biggest problems with it: my bunting is made of paper, and is therefore an inside-only type of decoration. Well, not anymore!

Outside Bunting

Behold my all-weather, all-cheerful, all-plastic bunting! And ignore my nasty backyard, it was never properly fixed up after last year’s sinkhole incidents. I was hoping the property management would repair the damage they did by killing half the grass with a big pile of dirt but so far nothing has been done. LAME. Anyway, at least I brightened it up a bit!

Outside Bunting

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  1. That little car is so cute! Way cuter than the big red car with a face down here in the US. Is there a website where I could buy this car?

    1. It’s actually not mine, I share the yard with a bunch of other apartments. I think it’s by Little Tikes but it’s a few years old.

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