Adventures in Blogvertising

The other week I conducted a little experiment- I bought ad space for this blog on a fancier, more popular blog. A lot more popular blogs seem to be offering ad or sponsor space, but most of them are monthly and I wasn’t ready to commit to it, so I found one that does it by the day. I bought a week, made my little ad, and the experiment was on! Let’s check out the results:


My ad ran from the 14th to the 20th, and here’s the thing- while I did have some referrals that came from the ad on the other blog, there weren’t that many. On the Monday there were 40, 15-20 for the next couple days, and dwindling to 6 by the last day. It might look from that sweet chart that there was increased traffic later in the week (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), it wasn’t much higher than days I’ve had without advertising. Anyway, most of those views actually came from tumblr- Bronny posted a link to my space shirt tutorial on her tumblr and it got liked and reblogged a bunch of times, all for free. My highest day so far this month, yesterday, had NOTHING to do with the ad, which isn’t running anymore.

I guess my conclusion is that for me, advertising on another blog isn’t worth it, and I probably wouldn’t do it again.

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry the advertising didn’t work out as planned. I, however, am very happy that you advertised. With out that I wouldn’t have stumbled upon your amazing blog. I’m even using your tutorial for the space shirts this weekend,excitement. I just wanted to let you know so you didn’t think that it was a complete waste to advertise. Enjoy the vacation (: or if it’s over, then I hope you had fun (:
    Smiles, fairy dust, and lasers

    1. Well, I’m not mad or bummed about the advertising, I just tried it on a total whim! And if you found my blog that way and like it, then it was worth it anyway 🙂

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