Ready To Go


Taylor is tired and claims not to be grumpy but I do not believe him

Long time (three days) no post! I’ve been really busy with packing and cleaning for my trip, or rather, doing anything I can to AVOID packing and cleaning. I actually did all of the former and most of the latter today!

I like to clean before vacations (well I don’t LIKE it, but you know) so that I don’t come home to a nasty mess, but also because Sym’s dad and stepmom are going to be staying here with Sym and all the pets, and I would feel like a real jerk if I left them with a dirty disaster to deal with!

Anyway, I’m leaving here soon to go to the train. I’m HOPING to keep updating while I’m away, but I think we all know how that worked out when l went to Hawaii last spring (if you don’t, it worked out as no posts at all until I got back). Hopefully I’m more on top of it this year, but if not, see you all in a week!

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