Happy Friday!

Silver Stars

silver stars for my next craft project 🙂
I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend! It would be better if it wasn’t supposed to rain for the next two days but c’est la vie, amirite?

Tomorrow I’m going to go get my highlights done, and I’m a little apprehensive about it- I haven’t seen my stylist since before I put coloured streaks in my hair and cut my own bangs, and I hate when they make that disapproving face!

My bangs actually need a trim like CRAZY, I touched them up a little but I’ve been too lazy to really do it. They’re already long enough to wear as side bangs!

C'est Moi
C'est Sym

Ignore her.

I’m wearing this dress today, and I seriously recommend it if you want to perfect plain black dress.


I also ordered the sleeveless version, which is finally available in black! I can’t until it arrives.


I just wish I had these leggings from Black Milk to wear with it instead of my old AA triblack ones.


They’d be perfect for my colour challenge! Maybe I should get them. Should I get them? I should get them. Should I?

Anyway, happy Friday, all my internet friends!

Birthday Kissies

7 Replies to “Happy Friday!”

  1. I like your bangs to the side. I cut mine to the side a while ago but I’m tired of them already. I don’t think they suit me. I should probably grow them out.

  2. No, you shouldn’t buy them! You know what you should do? Get a get pair of black leggings and do your space thing on them!! (Does that count as color?)

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