When I came in from walking the dogs this morning, I found this on my desk: Little Taylor giving Little Sym a piggyback ride.


This makes me so happy. First of all, if Little Sym loves Little Taylor, it means the real Sym loves the real Taylor too. It’s means that, right? I’m pretty sure it does. And second of all, I worked my fingers to the nub making the Little Family dolls for her, and her actually playing with them is the best reward and thank you I could hope for.

4 Replies to “Piggyback”

  1. OH MY GOD TANIE. I just processed a job applicant that works at the “Unicorn Investment Bank.” I suggest you make all financial transactions at that institution in the future.

    Also, what SVH books are you missing? I can check out that shop near my work for you…

    1. lol that’s amazing

      I need to find my copy of Aftershock (the last SVH book), it’s where I keep track of which ones I’m missing. When I find it I can let you know what I still need 🙂

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