Recipes for Twelve Lemons

Earlier today I texted Taylor to ask him to pick up some tape, and when one of the daycare kids scribbled crayons on the floor I texted him again to ask for Magic Erasers. Then I asked for french toast sticks from Burger King, and then I thought it’d be funny to keep making demands until it was an insane list, and see how much of it he’d actually bring me. Hilarious, right?

Which is how I ended up with a dozen lemons.

Eight Lemons

Of course, I couldn’t let all these lemons go to waste, so I figured I had better come up with some uses for them. First up: classic lemonade.

•1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (4-6 lemons’ worth)
•¾ to 1 cup simple syrup (mix 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar in a saucepan; heat until all the sugar is dissolved)
•3 cups water

Mix everything together, refrigerate, and enjoy! This is way more delicious than store- bought lemonade, and not that much work, unless (like me) you have a crummy old-fashion citrus reamer and (again, like me) a million hangnails. But. So worth it!

Classic Lemonade

•instead of water, use club soda for sparkling lemonade (in this case, it’s best to serve it right away)
•replace some of all of some of the water with gin
•add ½ cup chopped berries (strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries) to the saucepan with the sugar and water. After it cools, strain the berry lumps out and use the berry syrup to make berry lemonade

lemons used: 4; lemons remaining: 8

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