I Have 99 Problems and They are all This Cat

Sad Cat

Remember my diabetic cat? Of course you do. Well, now she’s my diabetic cat with unexplained uncontrollable night vomiting. It’s time for another round of expensive tests, meds and special food! SEE YA, ALL MY MONEY.

Vet Bill

Argh. Well, at least my nail polish hasn’t chipped.

She has some mysterious infection or allergic reaction that’s causing her to puke all night (this has been going on since last Friday), PLUS her diabetes is as bad as ever. My poor old cat is sicker than ever and I feel helpless and defeated and like all the time and money and MONEY I’ve spent trying to get her healthy has been a huge heaping waste. The vet called and left a message about the test results and I couldn’t call him back for over half an hour because I couldn’t stop crying, partly because I felt bad for Claire, partly because I felt guilty for letting her get so sick (although in my defense she isn’t acting sick at all, I mean other than the barf), and partly because I felt (still feel) guilty knowing that if this gets much more expensive I won’t be able to afford to do it anymore. Luckily the current plan of action just involves switching her food and adjusting her insulin dosage, with no more account-draining blood test for a month.

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  1. What kind of puke is it? My cat was throwing up this clear frothy stuff but only in the very early mornings. We took him to the vet and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him but I was certain that the “only in the mornings” part was a clue. So I Googled and Googled and thought he might have acid reflux. The solution was to raise the food and water bowls so the cats wouldn’t have to lean down to the floor to eat/drink. I guess it’s preferrable to always have their heads above their stomach when they eat/drink or they may get acid reflux.

    Ever since I did that, no more puking except for the occasional furball.

    Sorry for the long paragraph but wanted to offer up a possible solution if Claire is experiencing the same type of puking. Hope you can get to the bottom of this. It sucks to not know how to help our animal buddies. 🙁

    1. It’s brown slop. The vet think it’s most likely allergies.

      The biggest problem (other than I wake up every time she pukes so I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a week) is that if she barfs up all her food I can’t give her her insulin or she could overdose and die.

  2. Sorry to hear about old big beautiful eyes. Claire has always been a favorite of ours as you know. Give her hugs from me. ox

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