Cat Dog.

Claire didn’t throw up last night! It’s a miracle you guys. On Thursday and Friday night I shut her out of the bedroom so I could sleep without her barfing all over the sheets, but last night I didn’t and she only woke me up with her usual making biscuits on my head and NOT the ominous herk-herk-herk pre-barf noise.

Man Dog

I don’t even know. It was really hard to get her out of there too. Also, Taylor’s playoff beard is basically OUT OF CONTROL.

Ice Cream Abomination

Symphony’s dessert on Friday night: cinnamon sticks, sugar frosting, chocolate ice cream, s’mores sprinkles. I KNOW. She had a nutritional dinner of pizza though, so it’s okay.

Tanie + Harley
Tanie + Harley

Me & my friend Harley. He belongs to my upstairs neighbor and he and Georgie are in love.

Eat Rainbows

My main weekend accomplishment (although I also have some pretty sweet nails to show you guys tomorrow). More on this later…

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