After Piano

Recently Sym’s dad asked to switch one of the nights she spends at his house, so now she goes there on Mondays instead of Tuesdays. This is actually way more convenient for me since I no longer have to walk her down to his place after her piano lessons, although she only has one more left before summer vacation.

This Tuesday it was gorgeous and sunny so I suggested that instead of going straight home, we should go get ice cream from the beach concession. Shockingly, she agreed!

Sunset Beach, pre-Sunset

Sunset Beach is our go-to beach. It’s a little closer than English Bay and a lot less crowded.

Sym @ the beach

Sym was in a “no pictures!” mood but I snapped this while she was distracted.

Me @ the Beach

She took this one of me (you’ll all be seeing this pic again in next week’s Colour Challenge post).

It’s so fantastic to me that I can leave my apartment and walk to the beach, I really am very lucky to live where I do. I ♥ Vancouver!

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